Activities at Balingsholm

Konferes, bröllop och fest på Balingsholms herrgård


Here are some tips and ideas, all depending on your time frame, wishes and season. We work with instructors who have worked for a long time with activities and adventures so you are in safe hands – We would like you to have a dialogue with the actors so that they can present, adapt and suggest an activity that suits your group!

If you find something exciting in the list that you want to know more about, give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you with a pdf file with information and prices!

Food & drinks

The starter – Cooked outside – a cooking activity where you are divided into smaller groups. Each group receives tools and raw materials of the finest quality.

Gastronomic journey at Balingsholm – At 4 stations you will find both something for the stomach and the brain – something to eat and drink in combination with 3 appropriate questions at each station, talk and discuss to find the correct answer. At the first station, you start together with 1 gl white wine and 1 gl red wine and 3 suitable questions to go with it. At the following 3 stations, you take your glasses with you, possibly divide the group and answer other questions and get a taste test of chocolate, charcuterie and cheese.

Test Your Senses – With the help of the senses where smell, taste and touch can be involved, answer a number of questions where they are put to the test. At the end, a drink is served with a review of the answers.

Body & mind

Circuit training – The form of training works for everyone, regardless of what conditions you have, it is possible to be untrained as well as well trained. Works both indoors and outdoors. Time 60 min.

Taiji Qigong – Much-needed “leg stretcher” where your whole body gets new energy. Slow nice movements. Feel harmony between movement and breathing. Strengthens both body and soul and reduces stress. Time 25 min.

Tabata – The form of training works for everyone, regardless of what conditions you have, Tabata is based on simple, functional exercises that provide both strength, fitness, balance, as well as explosiveness and endurance, where you are on your mat the whole time. Our own body as resistance. Time 60 min.

Zumba – A fast-paced dance session that requires no prior knowledge. Zumba is a fun, good form of exercise where the focus is on the joy of dancing, energy & feeling. Inspiration from many dance styles, works well both indoors and outdoors.

Massage – Start or end the day with a massage. Are you stiff? Do you have tension? Or maybe just for well-being? Book a classic Swedish massage treating trigger points and manual stretching. Only for groups of 3-5 people.

BodyMind – Explore contrasts through training that combines yoga, strength, pulse and breathing. The goal is to promote both physical and mental sustainability. Welcome to experience strength in every breath! Time 45-60 min.

Calm & inspiring

Teamwork – practical team building exercises. In today’s changing world, higher demands are placed on the organization and the employees. We have created group dynamic exercises to involve, build trust, increase communication and improve collaboration.

Escape game – You and the team will solve tricky questions together under nerve-wracking time pressure. Put your wise heads together & solve the riddles! The game is played in groups of 3–6 participants. You are provided with tablets and all other supplies. The game is about solving all the different missions under time pressure, and to make it a little more nerve-wracking, the degree of difficulty increases the further you go and the clock ticks. Escape Room can be played anywhere and does not require an individual room for each team.

Mystery box – Mystery Box takes you on a clever journey where you are faced with a number of challenges. The group is divided and competes in teams that each get a box. One by one, the puzzles must be solved for the team to progress in the game. Mystery box can be arranged both indoors and outdoors and is just as suitable as a break in the conference as it is after dinner.

Music Experience – Music Experience is a team competition where participants can enjoy music and answer questions during the coffee break or pre-drink.

Pub Game – Social Friendly & Entertaining. Customize your own multiplayer, choose from many old traditional English garden party games and some of our personal favourites. Works both inside and outside.

Ice sculpting – Ice sculpting is a relaxed and creative activity that creates a nice team spirit. Can be carried out all year round.

På spåret – Challenged in an entertaining and educational journey around the world in a much appreciated quiz! Our own version of the well-known TV show that works just fine during dinner or break time. A quiet activity where everyone can contribute their knowledge. På Spåret is also our most popular indoor activity!

With the Brush in Hand – In small groups and with the help of acrylic paints, you create beautiful, imaginative paintings in about an hour with inspiration from your surroundings or based on a theme that we have chosen together with you.

Aktiva & Sportiga

PadelClick here to see what offer our friends at Vista Padel have when you conference with us. Most of the time, we can also help with transport to and from Vista Padel, which is only 8 minutes from us.

Football with “bumpers” – is a different and fun activity. Reminiscent of regular football but instead of putting on the match shirt, a giant bumper ball is attached to the upper body.

Segway Shooting – Try what everyone is talking about. A Segway feels like an extension of the body, which makes it easy to drive carefree and unhindered in a controlled manner at speeds up to 20 km/h. Learn to turn, drive backwards and through narrow passages. Each person runs a loop before entering the firing range.

Laser clay pigeon shooting – The shooter guarantees unsuspected competitive instincts. Laser clay pigeon shooting is the ultimate activity for groups who want to compete in shooting. It is environmentally friendly, harmless and can be practiced all year round, even in the dark.

Master of Masters – When a traditional team building needs a little “twist”, why not do everything like on TV? For this activity, we have drawn inspiration from the well-known TV series with stations that many will probably recognize. With a variety of both physical and mental challenges, you as a team must collect points and be challenged by your opponents. Lots of laughs and the occasional drop of sweat are promised!

Checkpoint Challenge – Compete in this hybrid of orienteering and quiz that is tailored to your business. Checkpoint Challenge is a GPS-guided, active quiz that includes a number of fun photo missions. A real leg-stretcher during the conference, which also gives you pictures to remember back with!

Position Unknown – A team competition to find as many checks as possible in a limited time. Each team appoints a team captain who, with the help of a map, photographs and a com radio, guides the team to various locations.

ECO Race – Compete against your colleagues on a car track where you as the “driver” are also responsible for the energy supply by pedaling a bicycle. Here it is important to find the feeling and thus drive away from your opponents. Here, four cars compete simultaneously on the same track.

Regatta on the lake – Organize your own sailing regatta with radio-controlled boats on our lake below the Manor! Dragon Force 65 is the name of the form of competition with radio-controlled sailboats that has become very popular in recent years. It’s easy to learn and fun for those standing on the sidelines cheering on. With the help of a remote control, you control both the rudder and the boat’s two sails. Who is the fastest skipper around the track in your team?